Privacy Policy

§1. General

1.1 - By accessing this website, you automatically accept the "guidelines".

1.2 - It is the user's own responsibility to keep up to date with these guidelines.

1.3 - This page is covered by the copyright law. All copying of the content of the page will be reported to the police.

§2. Visitors (Cookies, informations and so on)

2.1 - By visiting the site, the following information will be stored in our database:

2.1a - The persons IP

2.1b - The persons browserinformation(Browser name, Browser versio, operationsystem version)

2.1c - Outgoing port on the clients side.

2.2 - The visitor can always ask to get theese informations told.

§3. User

3.1 - By creating an account. you automatically accepts the following guidelines.

3.2 - The user can be banned and deleted at any time if the system administrator wishes too.

3.3 - The user must keep a nice and proper tone on the website.

3.4 - All personal information can always be disclosed to the individual user, if desired.

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